Enjoy reading a English or French magazine while you have a tea to relax. We take our time in these treatment so you can enjoy your time at N Day Spa~~

This deluxe service and top quality products will be a manicure or pedicure to remember.

Start with a cocktail or juice while you relax in the electric massage chair and whirlpool jet bath for your feet. Cleaning, exfoliating and filing before the famous foot massage.
Spa Pedicure 1 hour $30US
OPI Gel Color 1 .15 hrs $45US
Express OPI Gelcolor Application only$30US
Express Pedicure file, polish change $15US

Start with a cocktail or juice while soaking your hands in warm water and relax with a hand massage. Cuticle oil applied as your hands get filed and cleaned to perfection.
Spa Manicure 45 min. 25US
OPI Gel Color 1hr $40US
Express OPI Gelcolor Application only $25US
Express Manicure file, polish change $25US