Nothing is better then a great massage! Relax with the soothing music and candle lit atmosphere, as our Massage Therapists make you feel new again!

Enjoy a Relaxing Aromatherapy Foot Bath with a Tea or Cucumber Water before your Massage.

Aromatherapy Swedish $75 US

Traditional European techniques which relieves muscular tension and improves circulation, with the magic of essentials oils to reduce stress. 1.15 hrs

Great Depths Massage $75 US

Deep tissue manipulation of specific muscle groups. This will reduce soreness and fatigue while increasing energy. 1.15 hrs

Off the water - SPORTS $75 US

Help improve your stamina, lessen pain and increase flexibility through stretching and preventing injury. 1.15 hrs

Hot Stone Therapy $85 US

An energy balancing treatment using hot stones to facilitate circulation and ultimate relaxation for the mind, body, and soul. The experience grounds us! 1.15 hrs

Back Walker $115 US

Sometimes an hour is just not enough. We relieve your pain by walking on your back! 1.45 hrs

4 Hands Massage $140 US

The essence of indulgence is this relaxing four-hands massage performed by two massage therapists. Relieves stress, restores balance and soothes the body and soul. 1.15 hrs

Couple's Massage $145 US

A pampering experience shared with a spouse, friend or family member in the comfort of a luxurious massage room for two! Remember, wine is included! Cheers! 1.15 hrs

Tension-Relief $45 US

The ancient art of healing applies pressure to either the feet or face to rejuvenate these important parts of our body and helps your energy flow. 45 min

Baby on the way!! Pre-Natal $75 US

A specialized massage treatment designed for the mother-to-be, focusing on relieving lower back discomfort and fatigue. 1.15 hrs

Lymphatic Drainage Massage $45 US

A blend of superficial lymph vessel engagement light, very slow and gentle massage to assist the flow of lymph fluids and reduction of swelling. Note: cannot be performed during the first trimester of pregnancy. 45 min
1 session $45US
10 sessions $415US