Enjoy a Relaxing Aromatherapy Foot Bath with a Tea or Cucumber Water before your Facial.

Let yourself indulge in an hour of pure relaxation with one of our many facials! The scent of natural products, the soft Zen music, and the bonus foot massage, sure is a treat at N Day Spa

Renewal Signature $70 US

Exposure to the sun, pollution leaves the skin needy for exfoliation, extractions and a mask. 1.15 hours

Moisture on Call (Dry) $75 US

Immediate hydration to revive and renew the skin that lacks moisture, you will feel the difference! 1.15 hours

Pure! (Sensitive) $75 US

A gentle facial designed to give relief for very sensitive skin. Calming, soothing and tonfying to help irritation and soothe fragile skin. 1.15 hours

Deep Cleansing Now (Oily) $75 US

Restore clarity to problem skin with our detoxifying French products that unclog congested pores and combats blemishes. It controls oil (sebum) production, purifies and refreshes! 1.15 hours

YES, Caviar! Anti-Aging $85 US

A pure luxury for your skin, caviar is rich in Omega protein, your skin will shine from sea minerals. Top it off with pure collagen and massage all over! 1.30 hours

Totally Anti-Aging $90 US

Starting with a back massage to ease you into relaxation. Arbonne products make lasting effects along with an ampoule of elastin applied to the skin! Light therapy is added to have younger skin! 1.30 hours

Meet the Light Therapy Facial $110 US

Created by NASA, this unique facial will make your skin new, literally. Amazing results! Great to do prior to an event to make the skin glow! 1.30 hours

Gentlemen's Hot Towel Facial $75 US

Designed specifically for men. Includes a soothing massage, mask and deep cleaning. 1.15 hours

Microdermabrasion Facial $95 US

Proud to have the machine from the man that created the science! This WILL leave your skin plump and smooth with no downtime. Removing the dead skin makes us ALIVE and YOUNGER!!! 1.30 hours

The Ultimate ANTI-AGING $175 US

Microdermabrasion and Light Therapy combined for you with a full facial, this is the Ultimate! 2 hours

Semi Permanent Mascara $40 US

Holds like mascara for weeks, no smudge even in water!

Eye Lash Tint $24 US

Blue Black or Black Tint

JB Eyelash Extensions $180 US

Thick, long, natural-looking lashes for weeks!