N Day Spa's Body Scrubs and Wraps are simply fantastic!

With all these interesting treatments, the result will leave your skin feeling divine!

Imagine your body feeling soft and silky clean after the sugar or salt scrub. Then the hot steamy shower inbetween followed by a hydrating massage. You will be glowing and feeling fresh.

These treatments are real TREATS!
Key Lime Coconut Polish

Combining massage and exfoliation this boosts circulation and leaves your entire body velvety smooth! Great for tired or sun tanned skin. (Scrub).
45 min $50 US

Hershey's Chocolate Wrap

Chocolate from France this smells good enough to eat, but it is actually for the body filled with many vitamins that will be absorbed, then a massage. (Wrap and Massage)
1.15 hour $90 US

Vitamin Sea Mud Wrap

This mud has natural healing and moisturizing properties, it soothes our entire being. (Wrap and Massage)
1.15 hours $90 US

Lemongrass Love

Sea salts will enhance the healthy glow of your skin followed by a lemongrass aloe massage, Bliss! (Scrub and Massage)
1.15 hours $85 US

Papaya Mango Smoothie

Enjoy a real fruit body polish scrub, followed by a cooling mint body mask that is detoxifying, followed by a strawberry, lemon body massage. (Scrub, Wrap and Massage)
1.45 hours $135 US

Stone Journey

This mind and mood altering service is sure to elevate your beauty and senses to new heights. Enjoy a citrus scrub, a warm French Clay Wrap followed by a hot stone therapy massage. (Scrub, Wrap and Hot Stone massage)
1.45 hours $145 US

Sea Dreaming

Exotic hot Argon oil mask is applied to your hair. A lemon grapefruit exfoliation to your face followed by a collagen mask from France, we then concentrate on your body. This will be an amazing moment! (Hair Mask, Mini Facial and Body Massage).
1.45 hours $145 US

Body Slimming Therapy

Caffeine and other products detox and help the cellulite look, along with a massage.
1 Session 1.15hrs $85US
10 Sessions $775 US