Since introducing Max 7 Led light therapy to our salon, we have acheived outstanding results for our client's skin. Results we never thought possible.............

Our client's rave about Max 7, we rave about Max 7. In fact, when you experience treatments with Max 7 you will rave. We are so positive that you will notice an immediate effect of your 1st Max 7 treatment we show you a split image of your skin prior to Max 7 and then a immediate after shot and there will be a significant difference.

Max 7 can treat a vast number of skin conditions successfully and has been proven to restore youth to aging skin, rejuvenate skin cells, calm red capillaries and purify blemishes, even out skin tone, increase collagen production, control excessive oil flow

Light Therapy

What is Max 7?

It is L.E.D. Phototherapy that is a new, non-invasive light therapy that has blown away the beauty and cosmetic surgery industry by storm.

Light therapy has been used in Europe for over 30 years in the medical, dental, and cosmetic industry with outstanding success. And now it's here..........

This technology was originally developed by NASA to improve wound healing and tissue growth in space. It also assisted with tired and fatigued astronauts upon their return.

Max 7 is a non-invasive light therapy device for facial skin rejuvenation. Helps promote collagen production leading to more youthful skin. Make your skin look, behave, and feel younger with Max 7!

Max7 est un appareil de photo-dermatologie conçu pour prévenir et traiter différents problèmes de peau en stimulant la régéneration cellulaire sans aucun risque d'endommager les tissus de la peau. Donnez à votre peau l'apparence, la sensation et l'éclat de la jeunesse avec Max 7.

10 Sessions $950

1 Session 1.45 hrs $110

Each of the seven coloured lights (wavelengths) that Max produces is associated with specific properties....

--- RED anti-aging, stimulates collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenates skin, increases blood flow, anti-inflammatory

--- ORANGE Lifts dull complexions, revitalizing, energizing, supplies healthy nutrients to skin cells, leaving the skin with a healthy radiant glow

--- YELLOW Tightens and tones facial, neck muscles, dextoxifying and stimulates the sensory motor nervous system

--- GREEN Calms red skin, broken red capillaries, anti-inflammatory, rosacea, traumatized skin (sunburn), aid in fading pigmentation and uneven skin colour

--- AQUA Increases oxygen to the skin cells, brilliant for skin losing tone and firmness

--- BLUE Softens thickened skins, softens and plumps lines and wrinkles

--- VIOLET Anti bacterial, purifying, especially for acne skins, problem and oily skins

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